Instead of Instructions:

Your answers do not need to be coherent thoughts. Descriptive answers would be helpful, both regarding the characters’ appearance and their emotional state.

The aim is to create a painting out of them. Thank you in advance for your participation in the creation of a Performance.


You are about to watch a theatrical play. The lights go out and the curtain opens ....

Scene 1:

Someone walks heavily back and forth on the stage. He seems concerned and upset. He finally decides to go towards one direction.

Scene 2:


A restless crowd has gathered. The protagonist is sitting aside observing. The atmosphere is tense, suffocating, just like before a rainstorm. Everyone whispers that “it has been lost”. Despair! The whispers turn into an unbearable clamour.

A loud noise is heard and everyone freezes. The sound of a loud voice is heard:



The incident should be investigated. Everyone, in chorus, is wondering: "what has happened, what has happened?"

- "Calm down! Everyone can say what they remember. This way we can come to a conclusion" suggests


- "How was it lost, how was it lost?" they all ask in unison. "The guards lost it", suggests someone. "It was us who lost it", someone else retorts. Many more opinions are heard...


- "I saw him, he is the one who stole it! He is responsible for the disaster! "a woman shrills pointing at someone.


A cloud of dust is raised and heavy footsteps are heard. A new group of people is approaching. Their leader pronounces: - "Follow me and I will lead you to the truth! I know it! All you have to do is queue up and not deviate from the line. "


Σκηνή 3:

The actors come down from the stage and walk towards you. It looks absurd but they ask you to decide what has happened and what should be done. For some reason you feel part of the play and you give them an answer.