Lila Agrafioti seeks communication with the public, not only through the presentation of her artwork, but also in the birth processes of her paintings. In the exhibition 'The Inner Game' she presents the result of this dialogue. The process she follows allows her to dig deep inside the psyche, memories, nightmares and dreams of the person portrayed. The unconscious and intuitive forces unleashed by interpersonal communication between the artist and the subject determine the content and composition of the final artwork.
The works of Lila Agrafioti constitute a visual psychogram of their subject, which records his or her inner dispositions, fantasies, desires and thoughts. In the portraits she creates, she depicts the human being as a whole, connecting the visible with the invisible aspects of human existence. The heroes of her paintings are suspended in time and space, indicating the locus of the subconscious, shifting in scale, interacting or containing their disposition.
The final choice of elements and composition of the portrait is left to the artist, who connects places, people, situations and emotions on the blank canvas without betraying what has been confided to her, inviting the spectators to a game of seeking the solution to the puzzle in order to reveal the secret.

The Inner Game:


Catalog, Text and Curation by Georgia Kourkounakis, Museologist - Museum Educator